What do we do?

Consulting to companies that have inspiring business ideas working side-to-side with them to operationalise fast. Plenty of smarts combined with high quality standards.

Deep IT knowledge, thorough commercial insight and a high degree of pragmatism are key elements in Connected Creations' way of working.

We only work with you when we think your company (to-be? We love startups; we know how to bootstrap like noone else) is worthwhile.

What do other people think about us?

Rather than taking our word for it, we believe other people are much better at assessing our none- as well as core capabilities. Read what they think here.

So what did we do?

We did a messaging framework in Greece. For the Euro Song Contest. Took over a mio messages in a couple of hours to process the results on-air.

Want to work with us?

We're always on the lookout for smart people that know how to analyse user needs and requirements, assess business and marketing needs, grasp high availability, exhibit common sense, compile kernels, appreciate the advantages of POJO over EJB, enjoy Spring, rock with RoR, perl with style, python like a snake, or are otherwise known to know a lot of things feel free to contact us.




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